Its been a while. I have nothing to tell you in this blog. Well, 2014 had been a very very tough year for me. Many conflicts with many people. But its make me turn stronger. Amani tetap Amani. Clumsy. And now I'm turn into such a cry baby. Me too don't know that I have this side of me. Don't expect that someone with brutal behavior must have a strong heart. Hahaha. I'm not like that anymore.

Well, Am takda nak cerita pasal benda lain kalau buka blogg. I'm gonna appreciate my friends. For your information, I have such a lovely family. My backbone for my entire life. And I need them to make me go on with anything I want to do in my life. I mean my small family. My mom, my dad, my brothers and of coz my sisters. I'm gonna cry like crazy if something happen to them. I may not show my love to them, but I love them to the fullest. I really do. 

Now, Bang Chik is not here. Its been a while since I saw him. 6 months maybe? I miss him. But I don't dare to visit and cry in front of him. All of we love you Bang Chik. May Allah protects you and give all his blessing towards you. And I'm sorry for not act like your real sister, I'm not there when everyone put the blames on you. Hmmm, I'm sorry for everything and thank you for being a good brother for me. Abang is not here too. He's now in Shah Alam. Continuing his study in HR course at UniSel. Both of them are my forever heroes. Heart them so much.

Hmmm. Atcely sekarang nihh Am tengah tunggu result repeat untuk STPM. Result Am memang cukup  untuk buat Am nangis 3 hari berturut-turut. Tapi setakat mana usaha, setakat tu jaa lah yg kita dapat kan? Still, Am harap Am dapat masuk U. Mau tak dapat pun, mak suruh repeat form six sekali lagi. Am apply Sabah Sarawak, Gilaa kali nihh Am nekad! Moga Allah murahkan rezeki Am kali  nihh. Sapa  yang sanggup tengok harapan mak ayah dia musnah kan? Korang pun tolong lahh doa-doakan Am. Sebab kita taktau doa sapa  yg Allah akan makbulkan.

Sebenarnya ni tempoh sukar dalam hidup Am. Sangat sukar. Tapi orang lain takkan faham. So, Am pretend macam Am oke. Gelak sana sini. Menggila. Tapi fakta? Am susah hati tahap gaban. Macam mana kalau result repeat pun tak menyebelahi Am? Am dah tak kisah ahh bab cintan cintun nihh. Yg penting dapat sambung belajar and hati mak ayah tak patah. Yg tuu lebih penting buat masa sekarang. Sekian.

Amani Ahmad Nasharudin. 28 March 2015. 12:56

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