Dusty Raya 2016.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

9 months already passed. So here I am. I think I have to update this blog with something. How about raya entry? I have soooo many photos for raya this year actually. Fortunately I managed to send all of those photos to my wassap group before my phone broken down. RIP Samsung Galaxy S3 and I miss you actually. 

Raya? Well this raya, I actually sew all of my baju raya by myself. Arghhh, so proud! Even though its not a fashionista one, but I'm so proud. Because me, Amani binti Ahmad Nasharuddin did it by myself. I enter a sewing class actually. And sewing is not that easy. #Respect for those who always in front of sewing machine. So this are the photos of my raya clothes:

 This is Traditional Kebaya.

And this is Baju Kurung Modern.

Actually I don't have any photo from 1st day of raya. All of them stuck in my broken phone. I lost tons of photos because of that phone dude. What a joke! And that day I wore a baju kurung modern. The long one. 
I don't know if u can see this. This for my 1st raya.

I did nothing for the 1st day. Absolutely nothing. Keep eating and washing dishes when the visitors go back to their houses. What a life. A daughter life. A woman life actually. And the second day comes. Like usually, 2nd day is friend's time!

And this year like the 1st time we went to Wahidah's house. And we're already being friends since standard one, Gosh! We're not planning anything for sure. We just called her, and asked if she's home or not. And just like that, its happened.

Wahidah's house.

And we're asking her if she want to follow us or not, and she follow us. 1st, we go to Iman's house. Since all of us craved for rice. So difficult to eat nasi when raya comes. No one cooks nasi, including my mom. Poor my belly~

 Alibi that we eat nasi at Iman's. Hahahaha

And I met this one friend, kinda miss the old day. Irfan Ishak.

The next house is Aishah's house. The wajib house for me and my friends every year. Called her for thousand times, but she didn't pick up our calls. Pfttt. But at last we managed to go to her house and eat again. So many gossips to share with her. We used to be closed in high school but after that we don't talk anymore. Only in raya we contact each other again. How weird right? Ahahaha

OOTD pokok buluh.

And the last house is Ppah's house. I ate laksa Sarawak for the 1st time that day. Not bad.  I don't know how to explain that taste, but not bad. Actually, we're waiting for Aizat here. Our plan was at 2, but we met him at 7. How busy he was? ^^

The best photo from us -.-

I think I love them more now. Seriously.

End of 2nd day raya.

3rd day of raya came along.

I have no plan to go out when Ceah wassaping me asking me to join her and go to Mateah's house. Actually I'm boring staying at home, so I told her that I will join her. So, we're going with Pqah too.
Since I'm not really closed with Teah, I don't know. Ahahaha. Nevermind, laksa diorang sedap. And we met few from SMKAA. 

Again, I lost the photos. So we will stop right here. 

31/08/2016 03:10

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